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Shared Web Hosting

Hosting Packages: We carry several types of packages. Please choose one to continue:

Easy Lite: 5.99 month     5MB space, 1GB Bandwidth, for small websites.
Basic: 7.99 month           40MB space, 5GB Bandwidth, for Blog Sites
HostPro Business: 9.99 month      1GB space, 20GB Bandwidth for Business Sites

Domain Pricing: Domains are priced separately at 15.00 for .com, .net and .org - and 30. for .co
If you need a different domain type, please select "Self Management" on the next page and notify us of your request.

Domain Transfers: If you are transfering a domain, please chose "Self Management" on the next page, domains transfers must be done manually.

Multiple Domains: We can help you register multiple domains through our domain manager. For purposes of your website, each website requires only one domain name, the primary domain. You will have an opportunity to order additional domains after activation.

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